About Us

Christ Lutheran Church was established on February 19, 1871 when 60 people signed a document confessing their faith. Our current church building was constructed in 1920.

In addition to our congregation of 476 baptized members, our congregation also ministers to our community through its Christian Day School which was also established in 1871. Christian education has been and, we pray, will remain an important part of our daily lives.

Christ Lutheran's congregation can attest to the fact that change is truly a constant in life. However, we do have another constant in our life that helps us adjust to all this change. That constant is our Lord. He will always be with us through all sorts of changes as He promised us in Matthew 28:20, "And, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." May the Lord be with us through all the changes in our life and His Word becomes a heritage to future generations.