About Our School

Christ Lutheran School is a Christian school serving the Columbus area since 1871.

Christ Lutheran School has academic programs for Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  Curriculum includes Religion, Math, Reading, Language Arts,  Writing, Social Studies, Geography, Science, Music, Art, Technology, and Physical Education.  Students participate in the Accelerated Reader program daily.

Christ Lutheran School offers a safe Christian atmosphere with small class sizes.  We have three multi-grade classrooms: K-1-2, 3-4-5, and 6-7-8.  Our primary goal is to provide a high quality program of Christian Education that will lead students to learn about God, the world He made, and His plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus.  We seek to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ that the child may receive the gift of eternal life.  Furthermore, we seek to educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

The opportunites offered at Christ Lutheran School must and shall be offered regardless of sex, race, ethnic origin, or economic status.